Two Little Tarts Cake Company

Word of mouth is a powerful tool; you could be the biggest conglomerate in the world, with the most attention grabbing advertising seen to man and an astronomical budget to suit, or you could be a small fledgling business placing an ad in your local rag, but, at the end of the day, it will be the word on the street that will make or break your reputation. It was this exact word that found me in the chilly but regal backwaters of Battersea on my way for a rendezvous at cupcake headquarters to meet Rebecca Smith and Sarah Rowan, the founders of Two Little Tarts Cake Company.

Considering it only started two months ago, the enterprise has gone from strength to strength. An offshoot from the already highly acclaimed The Game Birds catering, they specialise in bespoke cakes and teatime treats, the ethos being that they will do whatever you want and deliver it anywhere in London and the home counties. For example, having just finished a cow birthday cake they are now in the throes of designing a tank one. Both admit to a relatively limited knowledge of military hardware but relish the challenge of finding a suitable design. All this is also combined with planning a ‘countries of the world’ birthday party. It is clear these two love a challenge and I am reminded that when there is a theme – “we love it”. I am just impressed with how much they achieve in such a small, but impeccably organised kitchen. 

It is clear that Two Little Tarts is becoming a must have in the Lulu Guinness and UGG lined arsenal of  today’s upwardly social mobile yummy mummy, and no child’s party (birthday or teatime) is complete without one of their cakes. Unless you want that party to be below par; I imagine if Two Little Tarts had catered for any of my last 26 birthday parties they would have been decidedly more popular. It is quite hard to enjoy the magician pulling a rabbit out the hat on your own (probably my own fault for having a magician at my 25th). That aside, do not be mistaken, their remit does not just apply to birthdays, tea parties and wedding cakes. They have also had more saucy requests including ‘boob cakes’ and ‘a huge willy one for a hen do’. So, just to reiterate, they will do ‘whatever you want’. 

The girls themselves are as flamboyant as their creations and it is obvious they have a very relaxed exterior to an extremely efficient and professional work ethic. Clearly they have proven to be a successful team. They met whilst on a course at Leith’s Cookery School and have trained in the art of sugar-crafting, but what makes their cakes stand out is that they combine technical nous with natural artistic ability. I was fortunate enough to stuff my face with one of their carrot cake cupcakes topped with some yellow sugar ensconced delight and was completely enamoured. 

Having firmly wedged their foot in the door, they are taking the cake world by storm. Having first started selling their produce on a stall at a charity fair, they have had a steady flow of clients, even more so with their ever growing page on Facebook. Their portfolio is starting to feature shops, City Banks and West End art galleries. The fact that over the last two months they have made over 1,000 brownies for events and deliveries to local offices is testament to this. 

I am certainly a fan, but am struggling to find space on the bandwagon. Not only do they have loyal group of clients, friends and family, they also have a growing celebrity following. Of these who have tasted their cakes we have Cat Deeley, Delia Smith, Gok Wan, Sir Richard Branson, Rod Stewart and The Who. As former contestants on Gordon Ramsay’s Find Me a Fanny they I am sure they have no worries with handling the limelight.

All in all, I had a wonderful afternoon with them and would definitely recommend them for any of your cakey needs. But if were you, I would get in quick, as their stock is sure to rise.

Two Little Tarts Cake Company, Battersea, SW11 (02076223093)( and (More pictures can be found on their Facebook profile too)


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