Ponzi Dinner Party Scheme – raising money for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

There are many things one would do for charity. Jump out of a plane, bungee jump from a hot air balloon, participate in an Ironman, cycle the length of Britain, run a marathon, run an ultra marathon, run a series of marathons in a desert, run a marathon in France or even fight a bear. But the rather clever committee members of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust have come up with a novel and fun idea for those who want to raise money but without the hassle and physical exertion of fighting a French bear whilst cycling in a dessert. They have devised ‘The Charlie Waller Ponzi Dinner Party Scheme’. 

How does it work? 

Using the idea of a Ponzi Pyramid Scheme each member of the Trust is to host a dinner party for 7 – 10 guests. Each guest has to bring the rudimentary bottle(s) of wine and a £5 donation. Frivolities ensue. In the months that follow each guest is asked to continue the pyramid scheme by holding their own Ponzi dinner party, asking their guests to do the same in their turn and so on in perpetuity!

By using this pyramid selling technique the Trust hopes to raise £120,000 and as much awareness as possible. 

What is the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust? 

In 1997, Charlie Waller, a popular and successful 28 year old took his own life, much to the confusion and distraught of his friends and family. It turns out that Charlie had been silently suffering from depression. Charlie’s death highlighted how hard it is to diagnose depression and how little people know about mental health. 

To help combat this, Charlie’s family set up the Trust hoping to raise awareness of the signs and dangers of depression, reduce the stigma and encourage sufferers to seek help. 

How you can get involved 


  • Have your own Ponzi Dinner Party
  • Donate monies raised to the justgiving page below.
  • Email the trust on pyramid@ponzi.org.uk with a list of your guests. You will all then be put on a Ponzi ‘family tree’ where you will be able to monitor its growth online. 

Further Info  

www.cwmt.org or http://www.justgiving.com/CWMTponz 

My next post will be a post match analysis of the dinner with a recipe for an absolutely amazing apple crumble tart accompanied with a shoddy blackberry photo.


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