Real Food festival and the Great Taste Awards

Buttercup got in for free


A few weeks ago, after plucking up the confidence and realising what I wanted to do in life, I left my job. In terms of handing in my notice it was an easy decision to make, but in terms of leaving the friends I had made, it was a very tough one. Up until last Monday I honestly thought I had made a disastrous decision and that I should have stayed and planned my next step more thoroughly.  

It was walking around Earls Court One that all these fears were alleviated. Here I got to meet fellow minded foodies who had travelled from all over the country to sell their bottled, preserved, smoked, tinned, home grown ambitions and dreams. It was great just to stop and talk to those who, like me, had grown tired of their non-descript jobs and decided to move into food. Of those I really enjoyed meeting it was the lovely people of British Fine Foods and Scratch Meals that stuck out most prominently. Both are definitely worth a peak on your next tea break from that awful spreadsheet you are working on.  

Obviously the cogs were turning and I spent much of the afternoon trying to figure out what it is I wanted to do. Do I want to be chef? Do I want to work in food PR or Marketing? Do I want to make my own product of some sort? Do I want to make clothes out of cheese? Can you bottle hugs? A lot of questions and answers that needed to be whittled down into one, obviously I am still looking.  

The best thing I thought was to make as many contacts and ask for as much work experience as possible. Which is why I found myself at the Real Food Festival in the first place, not only was I kicking calories in the face I was also volunteering for the Find Food Guild as a judging coordinator at their Great Taste Awards. My role was basically to taste food and record the comments made by three other judges on to a computer and scoring database. As a team we decided on a score and if an entrant was to be awarded a 1, 2 or 3 star grade. Needless to say I had immense fun tasting a variety of chocolates, chutneys, cordials, crisps, ginger beers, truffles and more. As a plus, I am going to get to do it all again tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. Yay!  

Below are only a few of the things I got see, smell, taste and be inspired by; 

British Fine Foods

Scratch Meals

Sipsmith Gin

Broderick's Bars and Cakes

Flaxseed from Flax Farm - a health phenomenon



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3 responses to “Real Food festival and the Great Taste Awards

  1. Goo on ya Byron – been wanting to do the same recently but haven’t had the balls! Best of luck…

  2. Hi Byron,

    To help you bring some focus to your thinking – looking at the British Fine foods website, there are some really cool “local” products such as Craster kippers from here in the north east.

    I strongly suspect that there are many fine regional food products yet to be brought to the attention of the wider world.

    I suggest that you search the farm shops, craft bakeries and food festivals of the UK to find products to market or even to improve upon and launch. I don’t know but what about pontifract cakes, Rhubarb, ice creams – there are lots!

    • Hi Jeff,

      I have not been on my blog for a few months and looking to start writing again. I actually know the people at British Fine Foods.

      Again some great advice from a great uncle!

      Also congats on the new grandchildren.


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