I have always loved food. Up until the age of eight I was only interested in eating it, I have not really stopped since then. Not until I was sent away to school and away from my mother’s kitchen did I realise the desire to cook for myself. Though I received no formal culinary training, my mother taught and guided me as a result of my constant nagging. In her absence I read cook books and practice in the kitchen of my Fulham abode. Alongside a voracious appetite, my friends and their kindness, cooking is the only attribute I am comfortable showing off about.

My favourite chefs are Daniel Boulud, Ferran Adrià, Raymond Blanc, Anthony Bourdain, Julia Childs, Heston Blumenthal, Keith Floyd, Mark Hix, Donald Link, Bernard Loiseau, Thomasina Miers, Michelle Rouk Jnr, Michelle Roux Snr, Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein and Jessica Sandys-Clarke. 

My biggest food influences are my mother, closely followed by my Gram Gram. 

My dream is to write my own cook book and buy my parents a house. 

If I were to bring one person to a dinner party it would be Jim Haynes. Mainly because he throws so many of his own dinner parties and it would be nice to give him a night off.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hillary Scott

    love your blog! You’ve got a lovely way of writing. looking forward to more!! hilary

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