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The last half of Dec 2009

I know! I have a lot of explaining to do. For various and doubtless rather lame sounding reasons, I have not posted anything for almost 20 days. I apologise to all eight of my fans, particularly the two who are not related to me and therefore not bound by blood to subscribe to my blog. 

Quite simply every Christmas my normally-strong-and-vigorous immune system registers that I have almost two weeks of binge-eating, binge-drinking, binge-uniting, binge-reuniting, binge-singing, binge-dancing and general work-free bliss approaching, and decides to pack itself in. Last year it was the flu, this year it was a tummy virus. 

Not only did this deprive me of any opportunity to collate recipes and photos for this, my beloved blog, but I was only allowed to eat toast and dry turkey for Christmas dinner. I watched as my parents nosebagged everything – bacon, brandy butter, carrots, champagne, parsnips, port, pudding, roasties, smoked salmon, sprouts, TRIFLE!, turkey (with the skin on too!). My proud rebellion against the virus of several pints of Black Sheep and Ruddles County in the pub on Boxing Day resulted only in aggravating my ailment. Despite all this I still managed to acquire the rudimentary half stone that blights us all during the Christmas period. 

The period in-between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve was spent catching up with friends, visiting relatives (Grandad Ronald is still in fine fettle and looking forward to a luxury cruise) and watching my beloved Middlesbrough beat Scunthorpe (only to go on and lose to Barnsley the following week). New Year’s was another excuse to don the dinner jacket and have a right old Beano. Most notably, my team (Lets Get Quizzical) won The Quiz of the Year, the boys beating the girls over a hard thought tie-breaker. 

So, illness aside, the festive season was not wasted. I had a great time with my parents, caught up with some dearly missed Yorkshire buddies and got in some much needed sleep. I even managed to top it all off with an amazing early-January dinner party, hosted by some very dear friends and their adorable Labrador puppies. 

Unsurprisingly, I am not that pleased to be back in a rather damp and very cold London; even less so to be back at work. But a new year should always warrant a new start and hopefully Project Sort Myself Out is slowly churning into third gear. Please bear with me. 

Before I sign off, I thought I would just provide a quick foodie review of my 2009 (I have noted that all my favourite food bloggers have done one, therefore so should I. It should not take too long considering I only started this blog last month).  

In 2009: 
  • I have acquired a taste for vegetarian food (thanks to the barrister and the blacksmith)  
  • I have always ordered the Chicken Katsu Curry at Wagamama, despite reading the whole menu every time I go there  
  •  It has been reaffirmed to me that my mother still rules the kitchen  
  • I have bought few but well chosen cookery books   
  •  I have collated countless recipes from newspapers and magazines that will take an age to read  
  • I have discovered that New World is, in my opinion, the most authentic and best dim sum restaurant in London (1 Gerrard Place, W1D 5PA)  
  • I have eaten at New World over ten times (the majority of these with Chloe and James)  
  • I have got a job two minutes from Borough Market (an ostrich burger from the Gamston Wood Farm stall being my regular Friday treat)  
  • I have learnt many new recipes that I will definitely be sharing with you  
  • I have learnt that my favourite part of any meal will always be seconds

New World for Dim Sum - 1 Gerrard Place, Chinatown


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